Computer Science

Available Programming Languages (Software School Projects):

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Pascal
  • Visual Basic
  • MS Access

Available Markup Languages (Website Development):

  • HTML
  • XML
  • PHP

Style Sheet Language (Website Format):

  • CSS (for HTML and XHTML)

Scripting Languages (Website Functionality and Validation):

  • JavaScript

Systems Analysis and Design - Software Engineering

  • Structured Analysis (Data Flow Diagram - DFD)
  • Object-Oriented Approach (Unified Modeling Language - UML)
  • Use-Case Modeling (Use-Case Diagram & Use-Case Narrative)
  • Domain Model, Class Diagram
  • Robustness Diagram, System Sequence Diagram, State Diagram
  • Activity Diagram, Collaboration Diagram
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Requirements Discovery
  • Sampling Procedure: Development of Questionnaires, Interview Preparation and Guidance
  • Data Modeling (Entity Relationship Diagram - ERD)
  • Feasibility Study & Analysis
  • Analysis of Case Studies
  • Writing Documentation:
    • Requirements Document
    • Specifications Document
    • Design Document
    • Implementation Document
  • Writing User Manual



Report with Description of the Solution, Result Analysis, Screenshots, Conclusions, PowerPoint Presentation

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