Modern Greek

  • Expression and Composition
  • Communicative Speech
  • Essays and Unknown Text
  • Summary-Writing of Essays and Literary Books
  • Article Summary and Presentation
  • Identifying Organization of Text (Structure and Consistency of Paragraph, Development Methods of Paragraph, Link Between Sentences and Paragraphs)
  • Use of Greek Language - Vocabulary (Synonyms and Opposites, Derivative Nouns, Derivative Adjectives, Etymology and Meaning of Words)
  • Texts of Literature (Summary, Answer of Comprehension Questions)
  • Development of Paragraph - Critical Thinking
  • Process of Reasoning - Evaluation of Reasoning / Argument
  • Grammar and Structure: All tenses, the passive voice, conditionals
  • Translations from another language to Greek
  • Improvement of Written Speech
  • Writing / Correcting / Editing Texts
  • Typing Manuscripts
  • Finding Bibliography (Books and Articles)


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